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The Influencers


Kunstgriff (Olga Abeleva and Shizen Jambor)


June 14th - July 18th, 2018


­­­–Kunstgriff is revival, restructuring, reinvention.


Fate is a matter of perspective. Nuance and integrity don’t guarantee a feeling of belonging. Humans have long believed in deities, and although this mass opiate provides mere temporary relief for those crawling through spiritual deserts, ultimate salvation resides within the capacities of human intellect and will. A state of near-divinity is a couple of clicks away, provided you have accepted the inevitability of self-destruction. All matter and form falls away, revealing your best self-conjuring immortalized within the infinite realms of ­­­1s and 0s. You will find your audience.


Celebrity is a double-edged sword. Elevated and burdened at once, you accept the responsibility and commit to mobilizing and shaping those allured and summoned like ants into your world. As arbiter of taste, all await the upward tilt of your thumb for the flag-drop, the downward tilt for excommunication. Expand consciousness and provoke those who follow your every step. The covetous will covet. Never rest long enough to stagnate. Implant an idea, or rather, an image. Billowing crowds are chanting a mantra that calls for new growth, a transformation, a becoming.


Mindful uptake reworks all incoming data into new analysis.  The constellation of experience which granted your innate perspective simply needs coherence. Solutions crystallize with time. The intangible assets of your singular genius are only ripe when an opportunity presents itself. Summarize a collective anxiety of the present and cast a prophetic look into the future.


Kunstgriff reconfigures raw data into its most appealing combination. Your weaknesses become complexities, nuances to your individuality. Anything you bring to the communal table is precious material. Your very existence redefines the norms of style, behaviour, and thought. Every chaos can be tamed with the right frame of mind and every labyrinth solved from an aerial view. Kunstgriff doesn’t provide answers, we provide methodologies with which to hypnotize, organize and sustain a polished sheen of love.




Screenshots of video below. Full project can be found on Vimeo here.