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Open Call: Duplex Local/Non-Local Residency 2019


Duplex is run by a small group of artists on a volunteer basis. We operate on a foundational belief in the importance of resource sharing, community and dialogue. In an effort to foster the kind of growth we believe in we have decided to introduce an organized residency program that invites artists locally, nationally, and internationally to produce a project at Duplex.


Duplex’s Non-Local Residency and Local Residency will provide free studio space for a period of one month to selected artists or artist groups. Resident artists will be given a studio of their own in which to work and full access to our communal workshop. For the duration of the residency Duplex members will work to introduce resident artists to Vancouver’s art community including local curators, writers and artists. At the end of each residency period resident artists will be invited to give a presentation of their work in Duplex’s project space in the form of an artist talk, screening, performance or short-term exhibition.


There will be two residencies offered in 2019, the Non-Local Residency and the Local Residency. For both the Non-Local and the Local residency technical assistance can be provided according to the succesful artist’s or artist group’s needs.


For Whom


The Duplex Non-Local Residency and Local Residency are both open to any early- or mid-career artist. The Non-Local Residency will be awarded to an artist or artist team not currently based in the city of Vancouver. The Local Residency will be awarded to a Vancouver-based artist or artist team in need of studio space.




The Non-Local Residency will take place from August 28th to September 28th, 2019.


The Local Residency will take place from November 4th to December 2nd, 2019.


Funding and Artist Fees


The Non-Local Residency and the Local Residency are both free. The Non-Local residency will come with a minimum stipend of $250.00 (CAD) (or more, funding dependant) to offset travel and accommodation costs. Duplex will assist the successful Non-Local Residency artist(s) with finding accommodation in the city for the residency period. Duplex will also issue acceptance letters to support residents in applications for external grants to cover travel, accommodation, food, production and other costs.


There is a $15.00 (CAD) application fee to apply for these residencies. All proceeds from this fee will be used to fund the residency and pay for the residency stipend. We could not afford to take this project on without the assistance of this fee.


Application Specifics


Application opens March 1st, 2019 and will close May 1st, 2019. For your application to be considered proposals must be submitted by 12am midnight (Vancouver time) on Wednesday May 1st, 2019.


Please email your submission to duplexsubmissions@gmail.com


If you are applying to the Local Residency please address your email with the subject line:




If you are applying to the Non-Local Residency please address your email with the subject line:




Mailed, incomplete, or incorrectly addressed submissions will not be reviewed.


Submission package must include all the following items in a single .zip file labeled as lastname_firstname_duplex2019.zip


Required materials:


Artist Statement


- please make it clear in the first sentence of your statement whether you are applying for the Local or the Non-local residency.

- must be formatted as a .pdf - maximum 250 words.

- label as "statement_lastname_firstname.pdf"


Curriculum Vitae


- please include your most current and relevant education and exhibition history as well as accurate contact information.

- must be formatted as a .pdf - maximum 2 pages.

- label as "cv_lastname_firstname.pdf"


Visual Support Material


- include a maximum of 10 images.

- images should be in .jpeg format and no larger than 1 mb each in size.

- if audio or video documentation is necessary for your proposal please include a valid url link with a maximum of five minutes running time.

- number each file in preferred order and label with your name, ex: 01_lastname_firstname.jpg, 02_lastname_firstname.jpg, 03_lastname_firstname.jpg, etc.


Visual Support Inventory


- a list of images with corresponding file names and relevant information regarding title, media, size and date.

- please include a short (1 to 3 sentence) description of each submitted artwork to give the jury some context when viewing.

- must be formatted as a .pdf.

- label as "inventory_lastname_firstname.pdf"


Application Fee


- there is a $15.00 (CAD) application fee. It can be paid via PayPal by clicking through the yellow "Add to Cart" button on this page: http://duplexduplex.ca/application-fee.html. The application fee must be received before 12am midnight (Vancouver time) on Wednesday May 1st, 2019. Please include a screenshot of your PayPal receipt showing your name and your receipt number in your application package.


Submission packages that do not follow the above guidelines will not be considered by the admissions jury.


Successful applicants will be selected for Skype or live interviews with the residency admissions jury, which will take place shortly after the application deadline.